Fascination Street


For artists, inspiration often comes from ordinary happenings that are perceived extraordinarily. This was the case for a very young Ken Herren when a trailer lost a load of paint on his city street. A colorful, gooey mess now strewn across his street was simply a sight to behold. When the City workers came out to “clean up the mess” piles of sand were thrown to help wick and efficiently shovel up the mass of paint. The vestiges of dried, and now texturized colors stained the road that Ken grew up playing on. To say this memory greatly influences his work would be an understatement. We invite you to stroll through “Fascination Street” an homage to a quiet rural California street that inspired a very young budding artist.


Ken’s paintings always start with a riotous abstraction of color that reminds him of “the initial spill.” This underpainting is then partially concealed with a pumice infused acrylic paint that creates a richly texturized and provocatively enticing query about what’s underneath. As an added bonus during this exhibition, Ken is presenting some works that represent a typical underpainting that we endearingly call the "soul of the painting."


Always on Display at


Your Art's Desire Gallery of Art and Framing

12928 Minnetonka Blvd

Minnetonka, MN 55305